Artzi Stuff

jewellery + gifts + original art



We are located at 2 Church Street downtown Nanaimo (across from Modern Cafe at the intersection

of Commercial and Church streets)

on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Phone # 250-716-8989




Closed Family Day Monday Feb. 21 



new website


Birthdays, marriages, retirements and other celebrations will still occur and I would love to help you shop. There are photos here and more up to date

ones can be found on facebook and instagram. I can mail or help you shop

from home or book a solo shopping appointment after 5.  Stay healthy!


                     Gift certificates and gift registration available.


                      Some artists take custom orders.

                 We use paper and biodegradable bags and recycle as much as possible

                         and offer many up-cycled gifts and art.


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Across North America, a resurgence of handmade is sweeping from a very grassroots level into mainstream culture...

We are witnessing a desire for consumers to consume consciously...a re-evaluation of the nature of consumption. When you purchase from local artists and designers, you are making a choice to  support sustainable economies based upon local production. Buying from a local artisan means that you are aligning yourself with independent, creative thinking that is outside of the mainstream.  A hand made object offers a unique, one of a kind item that has been lovingly and creatively touched by the hand of the maker.



2 Church Street

Nanaimo, BC


Vancouver Island Canada


local + handmade = uniquely fabulous